Vintage Find

So I feel like I haven't made a blog post in a while but I'll definitely try to change that.
(I'm thinking of doing some smaller/shorter posts like this one when I don't have entire outfits to talk about)

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend for Renaissance Fair costumes at this cool costume store that's half costumes and half other random vintage/thrift clothes.
While we were waiting in line I couldn't help browse around, then I found this sweater and it was exactly the sort of sweater I've been looking for since the summer! Needless to say I'm going back for a thrift trip soon.

And of course I'm showing off my new WendyAndTheMermaid floral crown! (you already know how excited I was about my floral crown order if you saw my post on instagram @littlefinch) I love everything Karla makes, she's a super sweet girl and has the best costumer service I've seen on etsy. Her floral crowns and headbands range from about $10.00 to $16.00 USD before shipping :)

Photos of this floral crown from her shop

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