Dead Roses

Blouse & Ring -Forever 21 / Flower crown - Hand made (myself)
 / Shoes - ALDO / Necklace & Leggings -??? (can't remember)

My love for fancy blouses and flower crowns is inescapable, they're so easy yet make an outfit so unique. This flower crown means a lot to me because it was the first one I tried making on my own, I'm only lucky that it turned out decent. Lately it has been too cold to actually wear something like this out, so I'm still waiting for it to warm up here. Not to mention I still have to break in these lovely shoes I bought on my birthday. 
Oh, you also may have noticed my blogging style has changed for this post. I've been checking out a lot of other fashion blogs lately and this seems to be the way most really good ones write their posts so I thought I'd give it a try! If you have any questions or anything please leave a comment, I always check (:

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  1. love your outfit :)
    your photos are great :)
    Loving your shoes so cute