What time is it?!?!

Hey everyone! So I have some really cool stuff I've been wanting to show you! Mainly my new hand-made Adventure Time pins from etsy and my pink suede T.U.K Creepers that I've finally worn out for the first time!

I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes I need to really mentally prepare/plan out when I'm going to try wearing something new and really out there (out of my comfort zone) even if I really like it.
I knew I'd probably get way too many strange looks if I wore these at school, so I decided to wear them yesterday on 4th avenue with my boyfriend when we went for pizza and thrift shopping. I think it was a good way to break them in.

I bought these bad boys from Karmaloop for $70. They don't have pink ones available anymore at the moment but they have some awesome mint suede ones! They can also be found at the T.U.K website and on Solestruck, perhaps even ebay. They're actually not difficult to walk in at all, just a bit clunky and clumsy at first. I do like that when I'm wearing them I don't have to stand up higher to kiss my bf :p

This hat I bought on etsy as well as the clips (they didn't come together). The hat is hand-knit wool beanie is from MaxMelody for $36.00. I had trouble with the shipping from Hong Kong and basically it took the hat nearly 2 months to get here, but the owner was really helpful and said she's working on a new way of shipping. Regardless, it's my favorite hat now and I'm super glad that I bought it.

Each of these pins are from KawaiiFactoryShop on etsy for about $6.00 (4.50). I bought the last Princess Bubblegum and Marceline ones, Sorry! And now only LSP and Jake are left. I'm not sure if she will be making more or not but if you're curious you could send her a message about it! She also has a lot of other kawaii/deco sort of jewelry so still worth checking out :)

Here's some last pictures with a better view of my outfit. I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too!

Black/White + shirt from Forever 21
Black leather jacket from Urban Outfitters
Black High Waist shorts from H&M
Black and White Frill socks from American Apparel


  1. Love that creepers and flat forms are making a comeback. Very cute!

  2. I love your outfits! *__*


  3. aww those creepers!! love

    Emma xx