Miss Military

One of my favorite new trending pieces is the vintage Army camo jacket. I think it's because I like the look of a chunky over-sized jacket paired with daintier pieces like shorts, a crop top, a dress, etc. You can dress warm for spring but still be covered up and comfy in one of these, and it's long enough where if you want to button it up and wear nothing under it, you can go for it -that's you're business.

The camo jacket I bought from TheFashionFilth on etsy (@mysticjupiter on instagram) for $32.00 including shipping. The jacket came with some cool patches; the American flag patch on the sleeve and an Army patch on the left breast (my hair is covering it). 
The shirt I just bought on sale from Urban Outfitters, and the shorts are from H&M. The brown combat boots are from Forever 21.
The black spiked backpack is also from Urban Outfitters, the original price was around $75.00 but I got it on sale.


This awesome little mouse ring was only a couple of bucks from ohgeeboutique.com (it's not longer available there) but I recently came across it again online at the Asos Marketplace, so I'm sure it can be found many other places :)

This awesome little necklace was a gift from my friend Becka from when she visited The Philippines!

This large puffy hand-made bow was a gift with my shipment from my last order from WendyAndTheMermaid (other styles available). 

Hope you enjoy the look and have a great weekend! <3 p="">