Attention Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gentlemen)

Cat (3D eyes) sweater / Pink purse
Cuban style heels - ebay / Skinny Jeans -Hollister

Crazy cat lovers and sweater enthusiasts I think I've found something you'll really like. Joseph Segal, one of the designers who competed in Project Runway's newest season (season 11), is the mastermind behind these awesome cat sweaters. I found out about them through his instgram and bought this one a few months back after the one I had my eye on for a couple weeks was already sold. His cat eye sweaters cost about $85 dollars each -luckily I snagged mine a while back, this one was around $70.

Finally the weather here is starting to warm up, on the last cool day for a while I went out and took pictures for this outfit. I like that it's a bit simpler than what I usually go for, and of course warm and cozy. Unfortunately Tucson, Arizona doesn't offer much as far as nice scenery unless you go out of your way for it.
(I'll put more effort into finding a nice place next time)
I hope everyone has a happy Caturday! =^.^=

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