Dressed up with nowhere to go

//Head chain - Urban Outfitters//Blouse - Forever 21//Leggings - (Thrifted) Buffalo Exchange//
Elephant ring - Forever 21//Other rings - Urban Outfitters//Purse - bought at a mall kiosk//

My first real summer outfit, it feels pretty great. I've been planning on pairing the blouse and leggings ever since I found the leggings at Buffalo Exchange. At this point I can't express how awesome thrift shopping is when you make an amazing find like this one. I bought the head chain online from Urban Outfitters a little while back but couldn't imagine it going with anything in my wardrobe until I put this on. I've seen a lot of people wear them lower on their forehead but I prefer how it looks higher up on myself. This look is called "Dressed up with nowhere to go" because that's what happened to me today -and why I'm making a blog post now! I got invited to hang out with a friend today and decided to get all dolled up, just to have her text me 2 minutes before I left to say she had to cancel. So, might as well do something productive with it, right?
-Photographer Joseph Vazquez (boyfriend)


  1. I saw this look on Teen Vogue and I think it's amazing! love your pants!
    Emma xx

  2. great look dear! love the chain in your hair! it looks amazing!!

  3. Lovely look! I love the blouse and the hair chain.

  4. You look amazing !
    I really like your style, and I'm you newest follower !

  5. Even though there is nowhere to go, it's always nice to dress up! haha
    cute outfit by the way
    Would love to have us follow each other. Let me know !
    ♥Stacey Nguyen