Pretty Pink

I've been dying to show off some of my new favorite pieces but I wanted to wait until I found a perfect combination for them, and here it is!
(This outfit on Lookbook)

If you didn't already know, pink is my absolute favorite -especially soft pastel pink. I feel as though it pairs with white and black very well.

This black with white polka dots knit sweater from Forever 21 was $32.80. It's a little more than I usually would pay for a sweater but completely worth it; it has become my favorite sweater and I wear it out at least two days a week. 
The pink tutu skirt is also from Forever 21, however I bought it 3+ years ago and haven't put it on again until now and I don't remember the price.
The white knee-high socks are also Forever 21, about $4 for a pair (and come in other colors too).

This black bow ring and small purse are a couple of the most darling accessories I own!
This ring was only $2.80 from Forever 21, however it is no longer available (also I've already had to glue it back together once already).

The pink purse I got from the lovely and ever-so affordable oh gee boutique!
One of my favorite little online boutiques, I found the owner Brianna through her instagram account @ohgeeitsbribri
I strongly suggest checking her store out! As for the purse, it is sold out and she does not re-stock old items in her boutique (for a really good reason actually, read it about in her store bio and FAQ!) So if you see something you like, grab it quick!

This is a DIY rose crown I made on my own using materials from Michael's craft store. I figured out how to make them from a youtube video tutorial. I had to tweak the way I made it a bit from the video so if you plan on making one I suggest looking at a few videos to see different methods of making them and see which works best for you! <3 p="">

This "Baby Narwhal" necklace is usually my go-to piece if I want a little extra something in my outfit.
I found it at a shop in Bisbee, AZ along with these cute postcards along with few others. 
(I apologize for the quality of it, there's a clearer image of the necklace on my lookbook here)
The artist of these has an etsy shop where she sells the postcards, pendants, rings and more! 

I did have a little fun playing around with the camera if you can't tell :)
These oxfords (Cooperative Two-Toned Saddle Oxford) were $49.00 from Urban Outfitters, online only.
I've been trying to find a great pair of oxfords since my birthday back in October so you can imagine my excitement when finding these! They fit perfectly on my feet because my feet are very narrow as are these shoes -so if you're thinking about buying them and have wider feet they might not work out how you expect.

If you want a cute pair of black and white oxfords for a better price I found a pair from Modcloth for $37.99 shortly after purchasing these.
Link to cheaper oxfords here

I hope everyone has a lovely week!
(Thank you boyfriend Joey Vazquez for the fashion photography)


  1. cute outfit.the saddle shoes and
    white socks are adorable

  2. this is such a cute combination!
    love that flower crown!!

    Emma xx