Classy Britches

Hello readers! Here's another one of my older looks that I wanted to share. I like this look a lot because to me it gives off a feeling of vintage class with some edge -a touch of Victorian elegance with a modern boyish twist. (Lookbook post of this look here)

Often times I see women choose an accessory like shoes or a bag to be the piece of their outfit that really stands out, so in this case I decided to tie together my accessories with varying rich browns and go for a simple patterned top to allow my pants to really pop. The small vertical stripes on the blouse give it a nice detail close up, but doesn't cause the outfit to have too much going on.

These dark red stretch (super comfortable!) jeans were from Pac Sun for around $55 or so.
The belt was found at Buffalo Exchange! My favorite thrift store.

My favorite piece of this outfit is the lace and jeweled collar necklace from Forever 21 for $13.
I really don't wear this piece enough but it makes any old plain collared shirt look extra special.
The neatest thing about this is that it's adjustable, and I've seen a lot of cute outfits with similar collars worn without collared shirts.

The brown studded belt-like bracelet I have on in this photo was also about $15. I bought it from the sweetest girl when I was in Xian, China for a summer trip. She was selling accessories and hand-made bows from a blanket on the sidewalk, I'm thankful I purchased this interesting piece and got to meet her. 

If my lace collar necklace is my favorite part of this outfit, these boots are my second favorite!
I love the vintage style stitching detail with the short darker-brown heel. These boots are actually extremely comfortable one size larger than your normal shoe size if worn with some thick socks.
I found them at Forever 21 for about $35 dollars after an hour of searching, even with an employee. (Why can't they just put the clothing worn on mannequins right next to the mannequins??)

The purse was an interesting buy: "one of a kind and handmade" apparently. I don't know if I always trust what those Asian women at mall kiosks say, but this purse was cute enough for me to buy for $63 in Las Vegas, so here it is! There are enough plain/flat purses out there, so I wanted at least one with 3D stuff (flowers?) protruding from it.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't be shy! 

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