I've decided to write about an old look of mine for my first blog post, because it is still one of my all-time favorites.

This look ties together some of my most favorite things; sheer patterned blouses, studs, leather, and the skeletal system (pieces of it anyways).
(see this look on my lookbook)

The first thing I'd like to talk about the shirt, because to me it draws the most attention.
What I like about the shirt is that it's light and fits comfortably, it's especially great in the summer because it's breathable and won't show sweat.
This particular shirt has a very long back (mid thigh) while the front is shorter. Because of this I haven't found as many things I like to pair with it, but I'll try again once it warms up.
I found this particular shirt at Love Culture in a mall for only $23! Which is a steal compared to what I've seen shirts like this go for most other places.

For anyone interested I've found some stores that carry shirts like it currently:
Exact shirt from Nastygal ($48)
Similar shirt from Romwe ($38)
I also suggest that before you zip away to buy one of these online try checking any local thrift stores first. I have seen A LOT of these come out since about 3 or 4 months ago and I'm sure a lot of people have gotten rid of theirs by now.

The clips!

The skeleton hair clips are an etsy find, and they are also very easy to come by in many esty shops.
The shop owner I bought these from is addieladawn (link here). She has a bunch of really cute stuff so I suggest checking her store out even if you aren't interested in the clips :)
Before buying these I do strongly suggest browsing etsy for any skeleton hand clips you can find in order to compare prices and styles (many of them are customized with bows/glitter/etc) and always check out the customer feedback!
These clips are super cute and hold great, but I still usually pin up my hair before I put them in.

The socks I'm wearing are another favorite part of my outfit.

These American Apparel lace socks are only $9 and come in a variety of colors! I seriously suggesting stocking up on a few different ones if you like them. I definitely plan on going back to get more!

I do not have a close up image of the shoes and I wouldn't suggest anyone to buy them.
Although they look cute, they are pretty cheap (which is why I was interested in them initially).
Only $20 on ebay (with $29 in shipping of course), you really get what you pay for. The shoes in this outfit are not comfortable and even feel cheap wearing them. The entire sole of the shoe bends when I walk along with the heel and it gave me horrible blisters the one day I was naive enough to wear them to school.
Thanks for viewing my first post and I hope you enjoyed the read! Come back again soon please and leave comments/thoughts/questions/ideas! :)


  1. Hello,

    I follow you on tumblr and saw the post with the link Started Fashion Blog.
    Congrats on your first post.Very informative and love the look, especially the clips and shoes.
    I just had to comment cuz I love when people take steps to achieve their creative goals. ^.^
    You starting this blog inspires me to do the same one day.


    1. Hey Jessica!
      First I want to say thanks for following the link from my tumblr to here, I wasn't sure if any of my followers would. And second thanks for the feedback! I'm super glad that you enjoyed it and even happier that it has been at least a little inspirational to you!
      I hope you come back again for my next post :) Thanks girl! <3